Central Khalsa Orphanage, Amritsar

In Sikhism the Great Gurus have always emphasized to espouse two great principles i.e. service and prayer. Prayer is to meditate Waheguru’s (Enlighter) name with every breath, Service is to serve the creation of God i.e the mankind, the Guru, etc. Service of humanity is peerless in itself. It can be done with will, health and wealth. Service of helpless, homeless and orphans is a glorius service and a way of improving humanity.

" Sayvaa karat ho-ay nihkaamee
Tis ka-o hot paraapat su-aamee. " (P-286, Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

While serving, he remains motive less.
Thus he avails Master.

The Inception:

To give a practical face to this motive and with Waheguru’s blessings Dr. Bhai Veer Singh Ji, s. Tarlochan Singh Ji, S. Harbans Singh Ji Attari and Bhai Arjan Singh Ji Bagrian succeeded in establishing the Central Khalsa Orphanage (Chief Khalsa Diwan) Putlighar, Amritsar. It all began from a small rented one room with a single child and now it has expanded to a majestic building spreading across 5 acres of land. In 1904, one of the pioneers of Chief Khalsa Diwan S. Harbans Singh Attari met with an orphan helpless child on the way to Sindh (now in Pakistan). As he was a kind hearted person he took the child along with him. Then, along with his associates of Chief Khalsa Diwan S. Harbans Singh Attari proposed to establish an orphanage for the orphans and it came into being in 1904 after a confabulation. Today, it is involved in upbringing of 360 orphans. It is a very different kind of institution where a child is not questioned about religion or caste during admission. Earlier, the building of institution was in a dilapidated condition but since last 3-4 decades it has undergone repair, reconstruction and new constructions according to requirements. The orphanage has undergone lot of difficulties since a long time to reach the summit of success. And this has been possible with the help and guidance of generous associates and friends.

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