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In 1936, on instructions and advice of Dr. Bhai Veer Singh an institution for blind named as Soorma Singh Ashram was established inside the orphanage where 35 blind students are attaining education at present. Latest technologies are used to educate these students, such as through Braille script and a computer training is part of their education with help of a computer software specially designed for the blinds.

It is an honor for the institution that one of the promising students of Soorma Singh Ashram Mr. Sarabjit Singh attained first position in B.A. (2nd year)2012 from Shehzada Nand College, Amritsar, stood second in district and eighth in Guru Nanak Dev University. Blind students also participate in extracurricular activities which can become an earning source for them, such as Gurbani Kirtan, Tabla(small playing drums), dilruba (guitar like instrument), Violin, Sitar, Sarangi (lute) and chair knitting and are quite skilled in these activities. The blind students also participate in sports and have won position in tug-of-war, shot put, discuss throw, javelin throw, musical chairs race, athletics etc.

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