Bhai Veer Singh Gurmat College

In 1979, Bhai Veer Singh Gurmat College (Gurmat-Guru’s Concepts) had been established in dedication to a diadem litterateur and an elucidiator Dr. Bhai Veer Singh with aim to preach religion by developing talented and intelligent preachers, priests, officiants, religious musicians to serve the community. A three year course has been introduced to teach the students shabad keertan, tabla, harmonium, dilruba, taanpura, sermon lectures and lessons from Shri Guru Granth Sahib. Students studying in this course reside in the hostel for all three years and their expenses are covered by the institution. These students practice music in Bhai Samund Singh Hall after study hours. Besides the hall there is a music museum which contains a collection of musical instruments and an anthology of music. For reference a collection of classical cassettes and cds are available for the students to heighten their levels of knowledge.

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