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Central Khalsa Orphanage

Started at the beck and call of the personalities who have a milk of human kindness for the down-trodden, supportless, orphans, blinds awfully in the grip of pangs and suffering humanity. In 1904, Dr. Bhai Vir Singh ji and S.Harbans Singh Attari have put the idea of helping the destitute children and orphans in the reality. The above quoted personalities are in the favour of this concept that the service of humanity is considered more valuable for the down-trodden, supportless,orphans, blinds etc. This socio religious organisation with the financial help of the donators has been functioning since the starting period. The Surma Singh Ashram(Home for Blinds) was started in 1935 and Bhai Vir Singh Gurmat Vidyala was established in 1979 in the same building. It is a unique Ashram where no discrimination of caste, colour and creed is taken into consideration while providing admission to the helpless humanity. The present campus consists of various Bal Bhawans,Gurdwara Sahib, Simran kender, Shaheed Udham Singh Memorial Secondary School, Shaheed Udham Singh Library, Bhai Nand Lal Hall, Bhai Vir Singh Guest House, Guru Hargobind Singh Stadium etc. For the proper health care Charanjit Singh Ghura dispensary is working for ailing humanity.